How does Astrology work?

As Astrology works when the sky is in constant motion, and a natal chart is like a snapshot taken of the moving sky on the day and at the exact time and place you were born. The horoscope is an astronomical map that shows the location of your Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun, Moon, and planets, along with the signs and houses.

How Does Astrology Work

Hardened scientists will tell you astrology doesn’t work. Believers will tell you astrology work. Who is right? They are both right. It depends on what you mean by the word “work”. As if astrology is the belief that the alignment of stars and planets affects every individual’s mood, personality, and environment, depending on birth timing. These horoscopes make predictions in people’s personal lives, describe their personalities, and give them advice; all according to the position of astronomical bodies.

A survey conducted by the National Science Foundation found that 41% of respondents believe that astrology is “very scientific” or “sort of scientific”. Let us break the original question into two separate, more specific, questions: 1) Does the position of astronomical bodies affect a person’s life? 2) Can horoscopes make people feel better? These questions are both very different.

Does the position of astronomical bodies affect a person’s life (beyond basic weather)?
No. The position and orientation of the sun relative to earth do cause seasons.
Therefore anyone who has shoveled snow off his walk in January, when he would rather be at the beach can tell you that the astronomical bodies definitely affect our lives. Solar flares cause electromagnetic disturbances on earth that can disrupt satellites and even cause blackouts. The position of the moon causes ocean tides. If you are a fisher, the position of the moon can have a significant effect on your livelihood.

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