Hawan & Pooja

Hawan Pooja

Make your surrounding pure by the Hawan Pooja

We believe that we can make our surrounding pure by doing Hawan and Pooja. It happens that whenever we are in trouble we tend to look for some superior power to help us. But God is there, then why don’t we perform Hawan and Puja to make our aura sacred? We provide the best Hawan and Puja enchanted with the sacred mantras.

Get the Divine Blessings by the Hawan and Puja

Puja and Hawans are the holy procedures that our ancient sages used to perform to communicate with the almighty God. It used to help people get rid of their problems and getting the blessings of the God and hence, we cater the Hawans and Puja to fill people’s lives with joy and destroy the negative energy in them.

As per the customer’s requirements

Our products that include Hawan and Pooja are certified for their originality. All our products are purified and well-abhimantrit. We supply unique and profoundly crafted Astrological products as per the customer’s requirements.

Say, farewell to all your sufferings

Now, there is no need to get apprehensive! We guarantee that if you use our products then you will experience something devotional and sacred. He/She will realize that all his/her agony and pain are getting vanished. All our customers are well aware of this fact and know that in their tribulation, there is a hope named Astro Sarita.

List of Hawan and Pooja we perform

  • Manglik Dosh
  • Kalsarp Dosh
  • Rahu Shanti
  • Rudra Abhishek
  • Santan Gopal(Santan Dayak)
  • Sangathan Sukt Path
  • Bada Nivaran
  • Pitru Dosh
  • Mool Shanti
  • Chandi Path
  • Mahamrituimjaya