What is Kundali ?

The Kundali or the Horoscope is a graphic representation – on a two dimensional surface – of the positions of the celestial bodies on the joint dynamic frame of reference (space – time) as visible with reference to the particular place and for the particular moment of birth.

Kundali is an astrological chart which shows the exact position o heavenly bodies and planets at a particular time. Janam Kundali or Horoscope is a similar astrological chart that is constructed by Vedic Astrologers on the basis of the exact birthdate, birthplace and birthtime of someone.


Benefits of Kundali

A Kundali can be said to contain the very blueprint of a person’s life and its events. This can provide precise details covering all crucial aspects of life, like education, employment, marriage, the birth of children, financial status, health, relationships, longevity, etc. It can also highlight the significant happenings and also the time frame in which these may take place.

The study of Kundali can thus provide insights about both the good and the bad that can happen to an individual. A person can thus come to know of the favorable time that is in store for him in advance, plan well, and try to utilize it to his best advantage. Similarly, one can also get a timely warning about the unfavorable time and its possible impacts, prepare oneself for it, and take all precautions to ward off the ill-effects to the extent possible.

The Kundali matching also remains a powerful tool for deciding about the suitability of uniting a boy and girl in marriage. The study of their Kundalis, done individually and also together, can reveal the level of their mutual compatibility as life-partners. And this can act as a guide in deciding about their marital bond

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