Can Tarot Predict the Future?

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Most people come to a Tarot reading curious to know, at least in part, what their future holds. Will I get the job? Will we be happy together? Will I make a lot of money? There is nothing wrong with these questions. It’s natural to want to settle anxiety about the future with some simple, clear answers. The problem is that the answers that the tarot will provide you about your future are not so simple. Yes, tarot can predict the future, but only those parts of the future that you have already created in your present life, and the future that you could create if you choose to make changes.

No matter what, you are always at the center of your tarot reading. The tarot cards reveal all parts of you: your feelings, desires, hopes, fears, thoughts and plans. Sometimes these things are hidden and you may not be aware of them, but they always belong to you. When you query the tarot cards about your future, the cards will reveal how events will develop if you continue following similar patterns. In essence, instead of revealing what will happen to you in the future, the cards reveal what future you will create.

This is an incredibly empowering opportunity, because it means that if you don’t like what you see from the cards, you can change it! By adjusting your actions and behaviors in the present, you will shift future outcomes. This is why it is just as important to look in depth at the past and present cards in a tarot reading. Those cards will reveal patterns you may want to change, unresolved conflicts and blocks, wounds that need healing, behaviors and choices in need of adjusting.

Tarot Reading for future

This reading cannot tell you exactly WHEN something will happen, but it will tell you how. Each of the cards represents steps along the way. Reversed cards are obstacles—issues that you will need to resolve in order to keep moving forward towards your goal.

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